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BmS - Engine management diagnostics

Engine management diagnostics, injector, ECU, Check engine

More than 30 years ago our enterprise was one of the first workshops in Hungary that started to diagnose and repair electronic fuel-injection systems. Since there was almost no way to achieve knowledge about this kind of systems in Hungary those days, we had to gather expertise, books and diagnostic tools from Germany. 

Today we are able to use leader technologies in our garage to examine even the latest engine management systems. In our point of view, trainings and continuing professional education are the most important requirements to run a successful business, that's why we invest more and more money on trainings. In order to gain our customers content, our corporate strategy is to offer a qualitative and fail-safe service, as far as possible. 

Besides our main section (troubleshooting and repair of engine management systems) we also offer some other services, such as diagnostics of other control sytems, installing unique immobilisers, maintainance works on engines, etc. 

In case of having an engine management trouble in Hungary - of course either gasoline or diesel - or being interested in our services, feel free to call us, or send us an e-mail. 

K-Jetronic Warm up regulator repair with warranty!

You send your faulty WUR by post to our address, and we will repair it in 24 hrs.

For more information please click here:  WUR repair 

Case study: solving a problem of an Audi A8 engine 


BmS Motordiagnosztika 
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Tel.: +36305988006 

Érd, Rózsa u. 5. 

BmS Motordiagnosztika - Befecskendezős Motorok Szervize 
2030 Érd, Rózsa u. 5. 
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